Is the pair of Havaianas I'm buying genuine?
This is New Zealand's official Havaianas Outlet store.
It is important to always purchase Havaianas from an authorised dealer, this will ensure authenticity, quality and a warranty. Any products purchased from an unauthorised dealer will not be covered under warranty and we cannot guarantee the products authenticity. You can find all our authorised dealers by following this link - https://havaianas.co.nz/pages/store-locator.

Can I customise and resell Havaianas?
Havaianas is a proprietary brand of São Paulo Alpargatas and any customisation that is not made by the company itself is illegal. Illegal customisation does not offer quality control and represents a risk for consumers. Havaianas New Zealand does not support any kind of customisation made without the approval and prior consent of Alpargatas.

How do I know my Havaianas size?
All Havaianas are in Brazilian sizing. View our sizing information for further help.

How can I clean my Havaianas?
Because Havaianas are made from natural rubber it is important to clean them with a mild detergent. Please do not use bleach. Dip your Havaianas in warm water with mild detergent for a few minutes. Use a soft sponge (non abrasive) to clean them and then rinse them. Do not put them into a washing machine, this can damage the product.

How long does a pair of Havaianas last? 
There is no exact answer to this because the durability of a pair of Havaianas depends on several factors, such as frequency of use, type of use, type of floor/ground, product care, among others. As part of our Quality Guarantee, replacements can be analysed and processed up to six months after purchase subject to fair use guidelines. Fair use excludes mishandling, or conducting strenuous activities whilst wearing Havaianas (e.g. playing rugby, hiking, etc). In such instances Havaianas reserves the right to refuse a replacement. 

Can I purchase straps alone?
Sorry, but we don't sell straps and soles separately.